Belleek Castle wedding memories

Knock Church is where the wedding ceremony for Theresa and James took place, what a lovely setting with the Basilica steeple in the background of this unique place. The newly renovated church with its wide aisle makes things easier for the photographers of this world with loads of room to move around and get the perfect angle. Theresa of Swinford and James living in Knock made this a very local wedding and a James and his groomsmen even walked from the house to the church. After the ceremony off to Belleek Castle in Ballina a great venue for weddings it has lot’s of little areas to photograph to make your wedding images special to you. Theresa and James asked for an Image in what we call the( blue room) where there is a wonderful ceiling and a royal blue couch, so when things get quiet and everyone is called to dinner we took five minuets of their time to get that shot for them. There is always a great atmosphere at Belleek and Paul always goes that little bit extra with all his couples making sure everything is as it should be on this special day. As you can see from the image we also shot some of the grounds outside with tall trees and also the alcoves. There is so many lovely areas to shoot no wedding will have the same images, every wedding should have something different and unique to them. Of course you have the dance but just before the first dance we shot the image that most couple get when in Belleek which is the one under the Candle chandelier always a great shot and keepsake.

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