Mellisa & Colin’s Wedding Memories

Every wedding is unique and always brings its own story but it helps if the church and hotel are all along side of one another. The Clayton Hotel Sligo offers just that, the most beautiful chapel on the grounds of the hotel and as you can see from some of the images it is very pretty. Of course it helps if you have someone in the family that is good with flowers and arrangements as this couple had. When everything is so near then it means that both parties of the wedding gets a chance at being photographed before the ceremony and it is great to get those personal images with parents and close friends before the day starts, as well as capturing some of the atmosphere and fun from both sides.

The church at the Clayton Hotel is a lovely size for cilvil ceremonies intimate enough that you don’t feel overpowered at the entrance yet has a lovely long aisle way for the bride and her party to have plenty of time for the entrance and handover. After the ceremony it is just a stepping stone to the steps of the Clayton Hotel Sligo and this is a perfect location for those large family photo’s where you have loads of space to make sure of that perfect image;

With no travel time it means that you can spend a little extra time with your guests before taking a small trip out to the bluebell woods, just a must if you are having your wedding in this location. A lovely place for those extra special images where you can get images of lovely greenery and yes some lovely bluebells if of course it is the right time of year.

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