Night time images by Leitrim wedding photographer Shutter Fever Weddings of a traditional Pakistani bride and groom on the shores of the River Shannon in Carrick-on-Shannon having gotten married earlier this afternoon at The Landmark Hotel, Carrick-on-Shannon.

Every now and then, we meet a couple whose day has something a little bit different.  Wahab and Syra, who were married at The Landmark Hotel, were one such couple.  Their families are originally from Pakistan, so it was important that their heritage was at the centre of their wedding day. 

A Winter Wedding at The Landmark Hotel

Their wedding involved a number of traditional ceremonies, all on the same day and in different locations, so we were on the move all day, with little down time for bridal party photos! Given it was an early February wedding, we knew we’d be challenged to get some daylight for their wedding images too.

Nonetheless, we persevered, and wow, but it was worth it! The main parts of the ceremony took place at The Landmark Hotel in Carrick-on-Shannon.  It’s a stunning hotel, but the outdoor options there are a little limited in winter.  However, I had a plan!  

A Location with a Difference in Carrick-on-Shannon

The Landmark Hotel is right across the road from the River Shannon. After dinner, we took the happy couple and their bridal party outside.  There’s a small marina just across the road, so we all trooped out, laden with gear.  I’m sure they thought we were mad, but I promised it would be worth it! As you can see, it was all hands on deck. We worked quickly, played around with a few shots and created a series of images that I adore. If I say so myself, they’re breath-taking! 

The dark winter’s night really is a perfect backdrop to the beautiful colours of the couple’s traditional outfits.  And the contemporary waterside marina gives the most gorgeous lead lines in the final image of the set.  The bride and groom have this image as a large framed print on the wall of their home. It’s the real showpiece of their wedding photography.  Shout out too to the best man and bridesmaid for their stellar work behind the scenes! 

We love to create magical moments for our wedding couples. If you’re planning a wedding, let’s talk about creating the magic for your special day!